29 September 2005

Today someone has come by my blog by typing "baking substitution lisy" into google.

They were looking for an alternative to me to put into their cake?


"Four and twenty Lisy's baked in a pie..."

It just doesn't have the right ring about it. Does it?

And can you imagine when the pie was opened and the Lisy's began to sing? There'd be some wincing in terror I tell you. It'd sound worse than those two cats shagging.


  1. Perhaps they wanted you for their bachellorette party cake!

    Strange the ways people find us. I often wonder what they think when they accidentally stumble into our crip blogs. I never did discover why "older men biting nipples.pics" lead some soul to my site. Yuck!

  2. or maybe they meant to type 'list' since that T is awful close to the Y on the keyboard. In which case, use Rice flour instead of wheat based flour. For more info see: http://www.celiac.com/st_prod.html?p_prodid=840

  3. Anonymous2:02 pm

    I pie that screeches when the pastry is broken could be utilised as a cheap alarm - you could litter the floor just inside the door with so when the burglar steps in: [I]"SCREECH!"[/I]

  4. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Damn, pressed 'Enter' too early.

    And that should've read: "SCREECH!"

    Talk about ruining a bad joke ...

  5. Holy crap! What the heck is up with the Crip Blog Spam?!
    Lisy, I think you've broken a record here for the most spam on one post! :)

  6. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Spam overload ...

    On the subject of search keywords, I've had a few amusing ones direct people to my site:

    "legs together exiting cars"
    "do people with muscular dystrophy drool"
    "kidderminster call girl"

    ... but the most disturbing directed someone to my photo site:

    "amateur dog fuckers"

    ... !