02 February 2008

I am getting really pissed off with, well... Piss.

I know I only go in to university one day a week so I shouldn't let it bother me this much. But, yuck.

There's a man who uses the disabled toilet in the building I have lectures in and wees *everywhere*. And I know it's a bloke because women aren't anatomically designed to spray that liberally.

Some days the room is more like a swimming pool. Except it smells more like wee and less like bleach of course.

I know that some people live with incontinence and sometimes accidents happen. But, seriously... clean it up! Have a little respect for your fellow humans.

One day I'm going to slip over in the wee and wind up on the floor, with a broken leg, covered in his urine. You'd hope that the police could test the DNA on the wee all over my clothes and charge him with some kind of assault for setting off a chain of events which left me injured. But that doesn't even happen in CSI so it's certainly not going to happen in real life.

And it's not just the floor... it's the seat too! I know most women squat rather than sit when faced with a grim loo, but some of us aren't physically capable of that. If I try squatting I just fall down. And land in his pee. Lovely.

So, I decide to find a safer, less vile toilet. What do you do when leaving a toilet? Turn the door handle. And, yup, that's always wet too.