26 January 2010

Something occurred to me on Sunday night while watching Being Human: What happens to old werewolves?

In films and shows where werewolves exist like Being Human or Buffy they're always young. But unlike vampires they're not immortal so surely they must get old and develop some degree of osteoporosis. Which means that in world's like the Buffyverse the morning after a full moon A&E departments should be full to bursting of octogenarians who went wild while wolfy and broke a hip.

I posted my pondering on Twitter and Facebook and one of my friends mentioned that he thought that when wolves turn back human that any injury would heal; I guess like vampires in True Blood when Jessica's hymen just keeps growing back. But that can't be so, at least in Buffy, because of that morning when Oz and Verruca (what a name) wake up human and covered in each other's scratch marks.

As George and Mitchell work in a hospital I think we should see older WWs coming in the morning after they got rampagey with stag hunting injuries, in the name of equality and realism. Because the lack of older wolves is clearly all that stops Being Human from being realistic.

I'm also wondering what would happen if I got wolved. Do you think a wolf me would still know how to push a wheelchair?