27 September 2005

On Saturday night, heading back to my car having returned my trolley to the little trolley park bit in the supermarket car park, I passed the door to the store. There was a man outside screaming at the manager about the fact that his bag had just been stolen in the car park. I actually heard him say:

"It's on your watch! Doesn't look good, does it?"

And I thought I watched too much TV. I don't feel so tragic about using Buffy quotes about Apolcalypses (thank you to Joy for pointing out in my last post the correct plural of "Apocalypse") in my blog to fill some space.

On the subject of screaming and TV, I haven't heard porn coming through my ceiling for a week or so. I think my upstairs neighbour might have gone on holiday. At least, I hope the noise of something big and heavy being dragged down the stairs at 3:10am last Wednesday morning was a suitcase. Either that, or, I think he was disposing of a corpse. Hmmm...

Last week was not a good week for being woken up during the night at 10 past hours which are a multiple of three. The following morning I was woken up at 6:10am by two cats having obscenely noisy sex, right outside my bedroom window.

At first, I thought they were fighting, and just smothered myself with my pillow in an attempt to block out the noise.

Until I heard one of them crying, and figured I'd better pull back the curtains and have a nosey incase it was injured. I was greeted by the most comical sight...

There were two cats sitting next two each other, and it was so obviously post-coital and not post brutality. I'm surprised the ginger one wasn't smoking a cigarette. The black one was crying, and you could almost see the ginger one rolling his eyes at the black one for getting so over emotional. In the end, he decided he'd had enough and walked off.

Immediately the black one stopped crying (attention seeking, much?), cleaned herself off, and then wandered off in the opposite direction.

Though it was kinda funny, I was Not Impressed about being woken up that early. When I finally get around to getting a cat, the first thing I shall do is make sure his bollocks have been detached.



  1. Well that's cats for you Lisy as you never know what cats are going to be like! They are like humans, that do stuff, and have ways doing things.

    I went to my dad's on Monday and your cat story reminded me of one of our cats called Splodge. I was sitting on the floor watching TV in my dad's den, and Spoldge was sitting on dad's chair watching me with a bad look on his face with his eyes that are always gloopy with stuff in it and he looked at me with a naughty way. I then put my finger up on the chair for Splodge to sniff and he nearly clawed it. Then he stuck his paw out and nearly scratched my face completely!!!!!

    He probably was in a bad mood and wanted dad to be back on the chair so Splodge to be back on Dad's lap.

  2. Lisy may have more sympathy for the black cat in this scenario when she learns that a cat's penis is barbed. The act of withdrawing it, therefore, is just a tad painful for the female...