04 September 2005

I'm so famous!

I am!

Yesterday I was out in public, and someone I've never met before came and spoke to me because they knew who I was!

Bow down before me, non-celebrity types.

Yes, bow down before me and do my bidding.

My bidding is check out my favourite website of the weekend: http://www.everythingsoundslikecoldplaynow.com/

And, if you think it's funny, go out and buy the single. It's released tomorrow. Go to your local record store and demand it! It's Mitch's first venture into the singles market. Show some support!


  1. Anonymous10:12 am

    "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!" Etc.


    And don't you just love spam?

  2. Okay very funny, very clever, <winge> But I like Coldplay </winge>

    But yes Mitch is a bloody genius :)

  3. Anonymous7:52 am

    We're not worthy! We're not worthy