27 April 2005

To be sung to the tune of The Mustard song from the Buffy musical:

I've got my broadband back!

She's got her broadband back!

Dum dum dum dum!

(Shame my bathroom is still only half redecorated)

15 April 2005

The movies may be clever, but the staff sure ain't.

Me: "Can I have a black coffee please?"

Her: "Certainly, one black coffee coming up."

[time elapses]

Her: There you are, one black coffee. Would you like milk in that?

While I may be sensible enough to spend my free time sitting in poncy cinema caf├ęs drinking coffee, a very silly friend of mine is running the London Marathon this weekend. You can read his blog of his training here, and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can sponsor him online here. Or you can just go marvel at the celebs he's sucked into sponsoring him.

06 April 2005

London's buses are currently covered in posters promoting The Ring Two.

I haven't seen it yet, chances are I won't get around to seeing it until it comes out on DVD.

But the posters are making me reminisce.

Remember when The Ring was released a couple of years ago? Do you remember the tag line?

"Before you die, you see The Ring"

So... does that mean that all those who've never seen it are blessed with immortality?

I knew there was a reason to not watch Hollywood remakes...