08 September 2009

Save Our DLA: What now?

(This is a follow up to this post.)

If you've missed the Emails from Benefits and Work suggesting how to campaign to stop the government from taking Disability Living Allowance/Attendance Allowance out of the hands of disabled people, here are the three tasks:

If you're pressed for time and want to do just one quick thing that'll make an impact then this is it: The Number 10 petitions website reopened for business yesterday following the summer recess. A Save DLA/AA petition has been created: http://3.ly/saveDLA. Please sign and pass the link on to anyone and everyone you know. (The paragraph is italicised for emphasis as it's so important.)

Even if you don't get DLA/AA please sign the petition (as long as you're British). You never know if you'll need to in the future (and as most people acquire an impairment in old age, the chances that you'll need to claim AA are quite high). And even if you're not British you can pass the link on to anyone who is.

Finally the government are having a "Big Care Debate Roadshow" where you can go and tell the government exactly what you think about their plans to impoverish and remove independence from disabled people. For the tour dates see here.