13 November 2009

Care consulation... the last post

The consultation on care ends today!

Makes sure you've signed http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/AttendanceA/.

To be eligible to sign you need to either be a British citizen (regardless of where in the world you live) or live in Britain (even if your nationality is not British).

Also, please make sure you've forwarded this on to *everyone* you know that's eligible to sign.

The government has claimed that DLA for under 65s is safe. But that still leaves 2 problems:

1) People like me being plunged into poverty and dependence because we've turned 65.

2) The crap wording of the green paper means they could change their minds about this and take DLA away from under 65s without going to consultation again.

Bear in mind that most over 65s develop an impairment of some kind so there's a very real possibility that this might affect YOU in the future.