30 January 2004


Why, when you buy your food from a supermarket online and have it delivered, must they make substitutions?

Why can't they just say "Oh, sorry... we didn't have that".

All I wanted was a squeezy tube of fresh(ish) Basil. Is that so hard?

The guy gets here with my shopping and they've substituted basil for coriander! Does coriander taste great with tomatoes to make a pasta sauce? I don't think so.... (but if you know otherwise, please let me know). Why? Why coriander? A jar of dried basil or even a basil plant would be a more appropriate substitution than coriander. Just, why?

So, while I'm busy fuming about the fact that I have very little basil in the kitchen and now enough coriander to see me through into the next millenium, I start unpacking my shopping. What do I find... a tube of basil! All my anger was for nothing. They made an error... they thought they'd substituted basil for coriander, but they hadn't.

So I carry on unpacking feeling slightly smug about the fact that I got my basil after all. But wait.... what's that? A tube of coriander? I checked my receipt... I've not been billed for both. But yet, I've somehow still got a tube of bloody coriander!


I don't need coriander! I've already got an unopened tube of coriander in the fridge! I don't need another one!

What am I going to do with a lifetime supply of coriander? It seems like a frustrating waste. I didn't want coriander. It's like a Christmas present that you really don't want. You should be grateful because you didn't have to pay for it... but, still, why?

I would say I'd cook myself some lemon and coriander cous cous... but, oh, wait. They didn't give me any free lemon juice to go with the free coriander. That should be a policy they adopt from now on.

Unlike the Christmas present you didn't want, you can't sell a tube of coriander on eBay, can you?

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