05 January 2004

I just sent a message which read:

Have you even seen the photo's yet?

Did I send you the ones of you with the lampshade on your head as well, or just the ones of you naked?

I was skeptical as to the point of phones with digital cameras built in, and the whole photo messaging thing. The only reason I could possibly think it might be handy is when you know someone has been looking for a number plate for 4 weeks (see this to understand why) you could just repeatedly torment them with photo's of every (for example) 31 that you spot. Not that I'm cruel or anything.

As someone that never carries a camera with them, but almost always has their mobile phone I have been discovering it's uses. Like when you're in a pub just off Trafalgar Square and one of your friends puts a lampshade on their head, for no explicable reason other than that they've been drinking alcohol solidly for about 24 hours by this point.

Similarly it can be useful to have a photo phone to hand on New Years Eve. Just for when aforementioned friend takes off their clothes. And in all photo's it looks like I'm being molested by her. Which I actually wasn't at all.

New Years Eve was one of those interesting nights. I was repeatedly thrown down onto the bed, pulled down onto the bed, pushed down onto the bed, and at one point I was just standing there when naked person decided to crawl between my legs, arch her back to lift me up, and attempt to crawl forward... resulting in me falling onto the bed. Once on the bed, no-one did anything to me besides make me laugh on any occasion. It was all just one big anticlimax. In perhaps a more literal sense than that word is ever usually used.

I was informed that my lip piercing hasn't affected my ability to kiss.

"No, your technique is still the same. You're aware that the piercing is there, but it doesn't make it any different."

Nice to know.

Clothesless lady moved out today. It's quite surprising how many bags of clothes she took with her when she left. Reminds me of all the Friends remarking on how when Ugly Naked Guy moved out that most of his boxes seemed to be labelled "clothes". Though, she's not ugly. And not naked all the time. And not a guy.

She decided to leave us her sticky bathroom wall letters. They're quite fun I suppose, but they don't stick to the wall very well, and just fall into the bath. Last night while having a nice soak I found myself sharing the tub with a multicoloured alphabet. There are some places you just don't want to find a "K", no matter how special it is.

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