18 October 2005

Incurable Hippie has tagged me to post 20 random facts about myself and then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes me to write the facts. Except, I'm not going to tag people. Mainly, because I don't really know who reads my blog regularly.

But, have some facts:

1) Last night I had a bubble bath for the first time in years. It was very bubbly, thanks for asking.

2) I dislike feet. They smell. My biggest foot hate though is people with skanky fungal toenails who wear sandals. I firmly believe that wearing sandals should be made a criminal offence.

3) I hate mushrooms. I'm allergic to eggs, but, I'd rather eat an egg than mushrooms. That is the extent of how vile and evil I believe mushrooms to be.

4) The stapler on my desk currently contains pink staples. But, purple staples are my real stapling passion.

5) Despite identifying as a lesbian; I do have a crush on the character Spike from Buffy/Angel. I can justify this by saying "But, he's a fictional character. They could've cast a female actor to play that role." But, if I'm honest, I do think that James Marsters is unusually hot for a guy. Or, at least he was when he was blonde.

6) The majority of pens laying around my flat are purple. Some are perfumed, some are glittery, some are metallic shiny, but, purple is the over-riding theme.

7) I only wear novelty socks, because, they're easier to pair up when you pull them out of the wash.

8) One of my feet is a size 4. The other is a size 2.5.

9) My right leg is 2 and a half inches longer than my left.

10) I'm left-handed. When I was a child I was ambidextrous because I had to learn to do everything with both hands due to always having one or the other in plaster. But, now my right hand is definitely my non-handed hand.

11) My eyes are greeny hazel with blue whites.

12) I have a mini-mirrorball above my desk (can you tell I'm just looking around me for inspiration?)

13) I'm not superstitious, and I don't really believe that the number "13" is unlucky. But, I never have my stereo or car radio on volume setting "13".

14) I do not have a favourite film. I've seen and loved too many.

15) I could quite happily live on a diet of Pesto Pasta.

16) I hate washing up almost as much as I hate mushrooms. I wish my kitchen was big enough for a dishwasher.

17) I am incredibly severely punctually challenged. I can never be on time for anything. No matter how hard I try. If I set off early enough to plan to be somewhere early there will be some traffic/public transport nightmare that will inevitably lead to me being late.

18) Someone just buzzed my door saying "Did you ring for a taxi?" Um. No.

19) I have a burning desire to make some yummy vegetable soup. But, I'm not sure I can be bothered.

20) This has actually taken me 47 minutes to complete because I got distracted by the telly.


  1. Anonymous7:21 pm

    All very interesting I totally agree with not having the stereo set to volume 13, my eyes are brown with blue whites and i too was once was ambidextrous if that is possible from too many meetings with the olde plaster cast!!
    Love your blog and I will definately bookmark it.

  2. I not only could live happily on a diet of pesto pasta, I do live happily on a diet of pesto pasta. Well, nearly.

  3. Mushrooms are quite yummy but carrots on the other hand are not only wrong, they are the devils food.

    And so is Bakewell Tart.

    All my sockage (well apart fromthe grey ones) seems to be black, which is a bit of a bastard when you're trying to find a pair at 6 o'clock in the morning when you're getting ready for work.

    I have one purple pencil which is a souviner from St Ives. You are very welcome to have it for your collection of purple things.

    A most excellent post Lisy

  4. @ W1ld Child;

    I do actually use paper plates and disposable cutlery for things like sandwiches. I'm just waiting for someone to invent disposable saucepans for when I'm cooking pasta.

    @ Marmiteboy;

    St Ives in Cambridgeshire or St Ives in Cornwall?

  5. St Ives in Cornwall. I don't think St Ives in Cambs has holiday souviners does it? Lovely pencil so it is. Purple and just a bit sparkly ;-)