31 October 2005


This afternoon I was sitting in front of my computer, planning my Halloween evening of sitting at home, by myself, watching all the Halloween episodes of Buffy and eating popcorn, when the following Email arrived in my inbox:

Fancy joining myself and Nat in Ben Crouches for halloween drinks tonight?

I had thought the other day that Ben Crouches would be a fun pub in which to spend Halloween. After all, the place is adorned with such spooky goodness as this funky gremlin all year round:

A gremlin with wings and a cyborgy eye

So, I accepted the invitation, and headed off towards the pub.

On our table was a pumpkin, all ready to be carved. So, after we ate, Nat and I used our knives to carve a face into it.

Nat carving a face into the pumpkin

I did the right eye and the nose. Nat did the left eye and the mouth. Rob refused to participate in the carvage because he feared the pumpkin would collapse.

It didn't stop him playing with the removed pieces once the carving had been done:

Nat and Rob posing with the removed pumpkin pieces.

Very soon, our pumpkin looked like this:

Our pumpkin

And Rob decided to name him "Eric."

We did not have any candles about our persons unfortunately. We did however have mobile phones, so we managed to make Eric glow:

Eric glowing from the backlight of three mobile phones inside him.

At some point during the evening, I acquired a hat:

Me wearing a witches hat with silver cobwebs on it

Of course, Eric tried it on:

Eric the pumpkin wearing my witches hat

Turns out that Eric's a smoker:

Eric with a fag hanging out of his mouth

And when he ran out of cigarettes, he got desperate and tried to smoke a tube of Smarties:

Eric with a tube of Smarties hanging out of the corner of his mouth

Eric and Rob had a deep and meaningful conversation:

Rob listening intently to Eric the pumpkin

Though, at some point in the conversation, Eric said something shocking:

Rob looking dramatically at Eric

Eric and I got on well:

Me and Eric

Perhaps a little too well:

Me snogging Eric

And then, after I'd worked my way through over half of the Seven Deadly Sins cocktail menu, it was time to go. Nat gave Eric a very sweet goodbye kiss:

Nat kissing Eric the pumpkin on the cheek

And we left Eric on the table for others to appreciate our creativity (but I wore my hat all the way home).


  1. Anonymous12:22 am

    Nice pumpkin your got there

    Greetings from http://www.happystiff.com

  2. Hi Lisy! Sounds like the pub is a great cool place to hang out for a drink! And it seems like Eric the pumpkin came to life a bit! I like the way you had his pictures it was like a small storyboard!

  3. Hi Lisa

    Thanks for taking a look at my Blog, I've added the link to yours, and also to your BBC Ouch Column.