07 July 2005

A little amusement to round off a sad day:

Apparently I can now blog in German!

If anyone who actually understands German can tell me what I said, I'd be everso pleased.


  1. Apparently you said

    I can it yet not to seize that I created it between 9.15 o'clock and 9,40 o'clock to arrive from" The Barbican "at the work in ' Kings CROSS ' without also only notion that something could have happened (...) the first time that I had noticed that somewhat different is, was, than I went from ' fishing rod ' to ' Kings CROSS ', and seemed me many people on the sidewalk to the Pentonville Road on the way to be real. Now it looks before my office completely differently than still a few hours ago. It is not like a spirit city, it gives traffic, all penalty disappeared (probably recalled into its depots, because there is no more bus traffic in the zones to 1 and 2). There is still many pedestrians on the way, even if they seem now less confused. It hangs a smell of burning in air, from which I hope that he does not have to do anything thereby and that only a few misdirected idiots to have decided, a Barbecue in the rain organize."

    Hope that helps ...

  2. It's just a translation of:

    I still can't believe that I managed to get from The Barbican to work in Kings Cross between 9:15am and 9:40am without even having a hint that anything was wrong until I saw this post from Flamingkitties (this has a still-being-updated timeline of events which shows how amazing it was that I was travelling through Central London oblivious to events). The first time I noticed anything was different was when I was pushing from Angel to Kings Cross and there seemed to be an incredibly high volume of pedestrians walking along Pentonville Road.

    Now the scene outside my office is completely different to how it was an hour ago. It's kind of like a ghost town, there's no vehicular traffic, and all the buses have gone (presumably recalled to their depots as there are now no buses services in zones 1 & 2). There's still a very high volume of pedestrians, though they seem less confused now. There's a smell of burning in the air which I hope is unrelated and that some poor misguided fool has just decided to have a barbeque in the rain.

  3. I'll always think of Angel as 'the fishing rod' now ...