21 July 2005

Here they come again, mmmm-mm-mm
Catch us if you can, mmmm-mm-mm

The Dave Clark Five - "Catch Us If You Can"

Once again, London go boom, but again I'm safely tucked away in my underground lair... um... I mean office.


1.45pm: Emergency services are scrambling to locations around London after reports of explosions at three tube stations and on a bus.

Cross out the time of the story and it could be a headline from 2 weeks ago.

Can we say... copycat?

Copycat attacks are never as effective as the original. I remember when someone set fire to my school's "special" minibus (sadly the ones they used to ship us there were contracted out, so it didn't affect my ability to get to school on Monday - dammit), and burned down the CDT block with it.

A week later, Portacabins had been dumped on the playing field as substitute CDT classrooms. Someone then pushed the PE minibus onto the field next to the Portacabins and tried to light that, but that minibus was diesel (the "special" bus was petrol) so it didn't take, or certainly not was well as the "special" bus. The PE bus got burnt out, but those who had it in for the "new" CDT classrooms failed - the Portacabins (which are essentially made out of cardboard) didn't go up with the bus. It was all rather anticlimactic. I don't think the second attempt even made it onto local TV news.

Of course, all us "special" kids were lined up to pose for photo's for the local paper.

"Look, poor little crippled kids have had their special bus burnt out. How cruel are these arsonists?"

Because picking on the crips makes an event so much more tragic. They didn't make over-enthusiastic PE students who wanted to play netball against another local school line up in the same humiliating manner to get them to beg for a new bus. An injustice, that's what it was.

As for my opening song lyrics, according to this entry from The Guardian's newsblog

There are reports as I write that the police have captured the bomber at Warren Street, or chased him into a nearby hospital. There also should be valuable evidence from CCTV cameras.

Maybe they can catch them, then.

This whole bombing thing is just to make crossing Euston Road impossible, isn't it? Kings Cross, Upper Woburn Place (Tavistock Square), Warren Street, UCH (my nearest hospital, about a 10 min walk from my flat). Pah, who needs to venure from North into Central London anyway?

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