12 March 2004

I'm sorry, but I have to rant.

The bloody Moron5 (or whatever they're called) song just came on the radio again.

You cannot begin to imagine how much I hate that song. I find it more distressing than anything Westlife ever released (which is really something. And isn't it great news that they're falling apart?).

It's not the song per se I find distressing (though it is truly dreadful) - it's how the song has been received.

Your generic Backpassage Boys type band will usually only get played on radio stations like Capital, and stations like Virgin won't touch it with a bargepole. But, for some reason, Moron5 have got the music industry all flustered and people don't seem to be able to recognise that they sound like a cross between a boy band and a pervy phonecall (you know a song is pure class when they need to put sound effects of heavy breathing over it).

I'm sorry Mr Moron - but if you're finding it harder and harder to breathe, you're clearly having an attack of either asthma or panic. Whichever, you really should seek medical help, and not catharsis through shite pop music.

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