07 February 2004

Yesterday at work, a letter came addressed to me.

I opened it, and inside was a leaflet with a pretty picture on the front of a champagne cork popping and lots of pretty partyness. The text read "Join in our 40th anniversary celebration..."

It was from a company that makes and services sanitary towel bins.

The prospect was so exciting that I came on my period.

In other news... This evening I passed a kebab van in Oxford which promised it was serving:


But, most interestingly of all on the menu were "Vegetarians".

I did put on a bit of a sprint in order to get away from it as quickly as possible, out of fear that I might be chucked into a deep fat fryer and served with fried onions and mustard.

I suspect if I'd read the front of the van it would've said "Armin Meiwes Kebab Co".

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