21 December 2003

I seem to have a bit of a Leslie Ash thing going on (I had my bottom lip pierced on Thursday). It is definitely not attractive. Photo's that I promised to people can wait till my lip has reduced to at least Sharleen Spiteri sized. I may even post one here.

Last night the power went out twice. Only for about a second each time, but I still ended up putting my torch in my pocket so I could find my way back to my bedroom without tripping over anything if the need arose (hey, I managed to walk into an oversized bottle of Ribena and kick that flying with the lights still on).

We had a hailstorm. I could hear scratching outside and went to investigate. I picked up the cat and brought him with me because I figured that if we had an intruder I could throw the cat at him and the claws would, well, probably aggravate them and make them kill me, but it was a reassuring thought that I could use the cat as a weapon. Except, if there was an intruder the only person he would of clawed would be me in a desperate attempt to not be let go of.

But, yes, hailstorm. I don't like them, they set off car alarms. And in a neighbourhood like mine, it ends up sounding slightly choral. It sounded a bit like a street rave.

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