24 December 2003

I am officially a victim of crime.

Yesterday I went to the recording of It's Been A Bad Week with two friends, and then down the pub afterwards.

Someone managed to steal K's bag from under our table, despite the fact that we never left it unattended at all. My cashcard was in it, thus, not only is she I victim of a crime, I am too.

I don't feel violated, or even inconvenienced by it. But I think my new title "crime victim" warrants me some sympathy, just for the sake of it. I do however find a tremendous irony in the title of the radio show we'd just come from.

Despite the nice visit to Charing Cross police station, yesterday was a fun afternoon. Much alcohol was consumed, yet I have a ridiculously high alcohol tolerance so remained very sober. Meh.

Christmas is approaching too quickly. I've only just written the cards I need to post, and then realised I didn't have enough stamps. Oh well. Anyone who knows me should expect to receive a Christmas card from me sometime around new year.

I'm off to Clacton On Sea, which is apparently the sprout capital of England. This is possibly the last time I'll write anything this year as I'm volunteering at one of the Crisis shelters as soon as I get back for 3 days, and if it's anything like last year, I won't have the energy to switch on my computer between shifts.

Merry Crimbo!

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