06 February 2011

Hollywood Images of Disability

Hat tip to Wheelie Catholic for posting this video.

Hollywood Images of Disability (CHF EDIT) from salome chasnoff on Vimeo.

Edit 16/3/11: The video has been deleted from Vimeo. :-(

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  1. Briliant video. Only criticism is when they mention Marlee Matlin, who is not only one of the few disabled actors who have managed to forge a career for themselves in Hollywood, but also, iirc, in Children of a Lesser God, she decides against the "cure" and the romantic lead has to come live in her world.

    Correct me if I'm wrong (only seen it once), but I feel that she's absolutely the wrong person to include in the list of non-disabled, predominantly male, actors who have won awards for cripping up.

    P.S Can we legitimately add Colin Firth to the list now, or does the King's Speech not count as a "curing story"? I haven't seen it yet.