03 May 2009


I still haven't written a post for Blogging Against Disablism Day 2009 for 2 reasons:

  1. My disablist cat. Last week I was staying at my dad's. I had to come home on Thursday in order to go to Cine-Excess III on Friday. So when I decided it was time to put the cat in her carry box she disappeared. For 5 hours. I spent a good 90% of that time walking around looking for her. As everyone who knows me knows I can barely stand for 5 minutes without pain, so after standing for 5 hours 3 days ago my legs are still killing me. (I eventually found the cat inside the sofa.)

  2. My disablist computer. The bones in my arms are funny shapes because of my osteogenesis imperfecta, so the muscles in my arms are in funny positions. This has made my arms incredibly vulnerable to RSI. So for typing anything substantial I need to use speech-to-text software. My computer decided it wasn't powerful enough to run Dragon's NaturallySpeaking so had to go to computer hospital for a RAM upgrade. It's still there.

Hopefully I should get my computer back around Wednesday. So in the meantime here are my 2 favourite posts, both exploring disablism in film and TV:

ETA: I won't be getting my computer back until Monday, so by then I think the BADD sailboat for 09 will be well and truly passed. I was going to write something about disability in the media, but I think Sweet Perdition and Trouble is Everywhere did better than I could (at least while I'm on painkillers for my foot that make me forget what I was saying whilst in the middle of saying it). So instead I'll just direct you back to my post about how I think Susan Boyle was a victim of disablism when she appeared on Britain's Got Talent and my post on #amazonfail; specifically "edited to add"s 3 and 4 in which I talk about how the press completely failed to acknowledge that disability titles were affected too.


  1. Thanks Lisa for commenting on my blog. I'm so glad I found your blog.


  2. To your cat:

    Being disablist is bad enough--but compromising Mama's ability to get to a *cult film conference*?? That's just sick.

  3. I love this post! Bendycat's current obsession is stealing my food. I'm sure she's trying to tell me something;)
    In answer to your question about my blogroll, it's cause I'm crap! The blog layout/design needs an awful lot of work which I intend to do, definitely some day. I will remember to put your blog on the bendybloggers section when I update things tho, and if I forget remind me please! BG