10 November 2007

Dear Anonymous commenter who keeps leaving me dissertation length comments telling me my "disability is a punishment from the gods."

Fuck off.

Yours so not faithfully;

Lisy Babe.


  1. We're all getting this - well, a lot of people who mention disability in their interests or posts are, from what I can tell. I think it might be from a spambot. Why, I don't know. It doesn't even begin to make any sense...

  2. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Raaa! ****! ****! Need I say more?

    Tagged you in a meme btw: http://linzworld.wordpress.com/2007/12/24/meme-tag-challenge/

  3. wow! me too. interesting.....

  4. Anonymous5:54 pm

    How bizarre. Interesting that it's from the "gods", which would suggest a polytheistic religion (if that's the right word).

    Unless Glenn Hoddle's moved into the blog commenting trade..

    But frankly, what a bunch of w**kers.