20 October 2006

This post may contain cheese.

In the very early hours of yesterday morning, I received the most fabulously entitled spam Email.

The subject line was "cheddar attached."

I checked and double checked. The Email came with no free cheese. How fraudulent! The only attachment was a jpeg trying to get me to buy Viagra.

I'm really disappointed. I like the idea of cheese by Email.

Doris Delarosa, if you're reading this: I want the cheddar you promised me.


  1. Anonymous11:47 am

    Nothing worse than the promise of cheese not being kept.

  2. Anonymous11:09 am

    lol Cheddar is a bit low standard, they could have at least offered you a bit of Brie, lol :) I'm gettin spam-ovaload atm.

    I was thinking the other day: How did Spam come to get its name? Why is it named after cheapy, canned British meat goods?

    I hate it wen men use the word 'cheese' as slang 4 a woman's 'bits' there is nothing worse, the ultimate turn off me thinks...