21 September 2006

Did you know that when Superglue starts to bond pyjama bottoms to skin that it burns?

The giant and very painful blister on my right knee is evidence of this fact.

In a way, I'm quite glad about the "Oh my god! My knee is on fire!" feeling, followed by an urgent need to detrouser. Because it did prevent me and my pink jammy bottoms with teddy bears on them from becoming permanently as one.

You would think that they'd make an adhesive as powerful as Superglue less runny so it doesn't drip everywhere, wouldn't you?


  1. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Creepy - i was also sticking myself together with runny superglue on thursday night... (mother's bday hence makind card whilst working in off-licence = loss of skin on fingers)
    The glue seems to come off in the shower tho...

    But I agree, the stuff is far too bloody runny to be of much use to anyone.


  2. I also got some on my hand, that didn't burn, just coated my hand.

    I concluded that throwing pyjama bottoms into the mix creates some bizarre chemical reaction which causes the burning.

  3. Anonymous2:12 pm

    No matter how cute those pjs were... I doubt you wanted them as a second skin! You poor thing :(

    Love the blog, btw.
    Just added ya 2 my blog-roll xox

  4. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Pardon the pun here, but talk about a "sticky" situation!