19 June 2006

Carry On... Hospital Managers

Or, why I ♥ the NHS.

On one of my thighs right now, I have resting a letter inviting me to attend a hosptial appointment this morning at 11am. Obviously, this appointment hasn't happened yet, what with 11am still being an hour and a quarter in the future.

On the other thigh, I have balanced a letter, posted 3 days ago (on Jun 16th), claiming I failed to attend my appointment on June 19th (later today, not happened yet, stick with the program).

Honest. I couldn't make this stuff up.


  1. I stopped trying to understand the health industry many moons ago :)

    There does seem to be some sort of temporal-time-flux thing going on here. Perhaps it has something to do with the black hole that sucked up all of the good doctors??

    On the bright side you've made my bill for x-rays I payed for last month seem simple and trivial. Thanks Lisy!! :)

  2. I stopped trying to understand the genral health systemwhen I found out that all my problems stemmed from the bloody nurses and doctors who didn't know how to deliver a baby (me!) and that consequently I was born with the problems I have now!

    So I know how you feel Lisy!

    Doctors and nurses are rubbish, and only know you from the inside not from the outside where you seem to have the problems, that's my view of it!!!!!!

  3. Now you should call them and attempt to make a new appointment for last week. Just for fun...

  4. ha-ha Lisa, I have to tell you this.
    On more than one occasion this has been asked by a medical professional. And recently I had surgery in a private hospital, for some reason we expect better god knows why because the same people work on the NHS.
    But the anesthetist asked me
    'If I had always had dwarfism'
    Worrying, bloody worrying!

  5. NHS, gotta love em.
    At the moment I'm on crutches. One is longer than the other and they won't ajust to the same level. Also one of the arm thingies is made for someone with pin arms.
    The best bit though is last time I went in I got into trouble for marking the one thats the right height and that I can get my arm in with gaffer tape. NHS property and all.
    Would you like my appointment? It was last Friday. If you hurry you'll get there in time for last orders!

  6. Anonymous12:42 am

    What get's me is that Doctor's are allowed to double-dip without Congress getting up in arms. Remember a couple of years ago one of the Reps was outraged at the cost of cereal, made a national stink about it. 3.50 per box too much for Sugar Pops, I guess. Meanwhile, I who (as a para) can't get insurance, have to pay a hospital bill when I check in to have a pressure soar looked at. The doctor, bless her, takes 5 minutes out of her busy day to say that the nurse is correct in her treatment plan. I later get a bill from the doctor for 450, as much as I paid the hospital. Apparently, you are just paying for the right to be in the hospital when you check in. Treatment costs more. And they claim to be "non-profit". The reason Congress doesn't do anything about them is that the medical lobby is so much more powerful than Nabisco's.