05 May 2006

Well that was a strange pop to the shops to buy some toilet paper.

I was waiting to cross the road, and, naturally, with it being Camden High Street, the queue to cross had reached a few layers of people deep.

This woman at the front steps aside to let me cross. Sounds polite? Yeah?

The traffic was still flowing.

I did have to point out to her "It's alright, I'm going to wait until the man's turned green."

I waited for about a minute, the man still not turning green (I wonder if he just caught his girlfriend in bed with someone else? That'd explain the constant changing between angry red and envious green), wondering "Oh, no, I'm not now one of those crips that people moan about that 'give "the disabled" a bad name' am I?" When I got completely outshone...

A guy in a wheelchair deliberately swerves from the path he'd been taking to crash into the side of my wheelchair (also crashing into the leg of the lady who'd moved out of my way); turns to me and calls me "disabled scummy" and swerves off in the other direction again!

I would hypothesise that he mistook me for his own reflection, except, I'm far prettier (which is truly an insult to him if you know just how rancid I look).

I guess at least he didn't call me "handicapped".


  1. Anonymous12:14 am

    That was you??!?


  2. Not you too?! There must be some kind of evil disabled spirit, who manifets with the specific intention of barging into disabled women at pedestrian crossings and abusing them. I've seen him at work in Leicester, where he came from out of nowhere to bash into my friend's hand trike before hurling abuse, and also in Bedford, where he nearly bumped me into the traffic before calling me a crippled w@nker and disappearing alomst instantaneously. It's always male, his female victim always stationary at a pedestrian crossing, and he always leaves the scene as fast as he can. Weird.

  3. I think there must be lots of situations where we have all been subjected to one sort of abuse or predjudice at some stage in our lives.

    It's the way of society and things need to change and awareness of disability should be improved.

  4. Is he pick pocketing you?
    Maybe it's a fetish.

  5. Very wierd.

    Why? Why not random acts of showing off in some constructive way? I don't get it.

    Very funny post, though. Thanks.


  6. Fang -

    Was yours a short-haired brunette with rubbish glasses, a wheelchair that looked a bit too big for him (he was really quite short) and a grandad-esque jumper?