19 June 2005

Oh for fucks sake!

Last night I'm laying in bed, trying to get to sleep (actually before midnight, if you can believe such a thing might happen), when I start to hear this rustley noise.

It sounds like my kitchen bin liner is moving (yes, I no longer live in a bedsit, therefore have my kitchen bin next to my bed - but, my flat is still small and all the internal doors were open). "That's a familiar noise..." I think.

So, I get up to go and investigate. Dreading what I might find, but still curious. Investigating is slightly hampered by the fact that I've got 4head on my forehead (hot weather and me do not get on. I was not feeling well), and then I've sleepily rubbed my eyes. Voila... 4head in the eyes and a lack of ability to see.

I stumble over a bag full of papers that really should be shredded before being thrown in the bin near my bedroom doorway, and find my kitchen, and ultimately, my kitchen light switch.

As the strip light flickers on, through my only just about open eyes I see something. A kind of shadow moving speedily across the kitchen, away from the bin and into the corner. A shadow about the size of, oh, I don't know - A MOUSE!?!

Needless to say, I made a hasty retreat, kicking aside the wedge propping my kitchen door open so it slammed shut, keeping the rodent hopefully contained in one room. I've not been in there yet today.

I knew there was a reason I wanted a cat. Though, on one hand, I'm quite relieved. Just because I'm not sure which would be worse - having rodents, or having to clean up splattered dead rodent internals...

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