22 June 2004

Fan Mail

I'm really starting to feel like starting to keep a blog was worthwhile. Even if I rarely write in the damn thing.

I'm starting to get some regular readers, and I've even had an endorsement by the BBC.

Today though, I received this, from a gentleman who shall be referred to as "Christopher" - because that, according to his Email, is his name.

wow! far out stuff. what the hell is a bedsit? just cruisin' gobs of blogs (mostly lesbo blogs) and whoa nellie, your's pops up like some psychic connection. Serendipitous. It's like we're destined to meet, fall in love, have a spat or two, fall back out of love, reconnect on some subliminal level and grow old together.
Then whoever (whomever, in case you're a grammar freak) passes on first will be visited by the other, graveside, where flowers will be left, tears will be shed in memory of the one true love.

whaddya think?

I think that, unlike you, I know where to find the "shift" key on my keyboard.

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