14 September 2005

My thumb has been very sore for the last two or three days now.

There's one thing about it that I can't help but notice:

It doesn't stick out.

Does this make me "special"?

Edit: Alright, pedants... yes my thumb sticks out to the side of my hand in that way that thumbs do. How's this then:

My sore thumb doesn't stick out any more than my non-sore thumb.



  1. That seems strange. surely a digit should stick out. yes you can be special :^)

  2. Sorry to hear about your sore thumb Lisy, Maybe you are special in some way!

    I have feet like that where they stick out and are angled, Perhaps that makes me special too?!


    Check out my blog if you want!

    Best Wishes, Katie Fraser

  3. Hmmm....perhaps yours is an "inny" instead of an "outy"? Can thumbs be like belly buttons?